The humour in con artists

lancearmstrongBananas is always in need of sporty cheats when Lance Armstrong popped into my head who does not have entry like these special people (my blog). Its time to rectify that.

Armstrong is famous for associating cycling with drugs, which aparently ‘was’ so common most of them also did them, so he is the fastest cheater of cheaters or best of the worse.

With fame comes books and non fiction becomes fiction and tv programmes which ten years on keep getting scheduled despite the fact that the model citizen is no longer.  As i dont watch that much tv it had an engineering bent to it which i never watched as it is a bit chavy and reeks of public make work relations a bit like this (my blog)..

Anyhow it is amusing to see that tv/copyright will not drop the episode in the series and so will be famous for his errors for a long time to come.  In fact you might even see it.

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