Circus Maximus,Andrew Zimbalist

isbn: 9780815726517 is a 137 page book in which one copy exists in a library for several million people which for some strange reason took somebody three bloody months to read (my blog)

public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

Anyhow i start with public schools, royals earn a lot of money via the olympics at our expense with $25k-$42k watches which breaks the ethics of sport but who cares about them?

Inclusive is a thing and the modern version of naked greeks also failed to include women in its early version, i am looking forward to seeing the Saudi Arabian female water dancing team this year clearly a gold medal prospect with Afghanistan taking the silver.

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

Sport is an expensive undertaking to host for a week which is how the author got interested in the subject and points out the politics that if sport is universal* then the 1920 event had no Germans in it.

A couple of rich people did alright and the citizenry was handed the bill.  Dictators began to love sport in the 1930’s and that trend continues today.

No american jews went to the 1936 event.  Television came in 1960 and those royals kept 5%, the rest was kept for the locals.  This has diminished for the proletariat and makes the hosting of such events less of an economic prospect unless your a dictator.

Sport hit another ethical problem with south africa in 1960, they turned up, this ‘universal’ thing is certainly not that.  Mexico decided to kill its opposition using the olympics as a reason so sport types have a lot of blood on there hands if ancient greece gave the world democracy then clearly sporty types hate it.

KorneliaEnderTerrorism raised it head in the 1970’s when the public made some cities withdraw, others got thirty year debt mountains.  Drugs raised there heads around here and forty years later the Olympics is still mired in pharmaceutics problems.

Political boycotts mired the 1980’s, and commercialisation and bribes became rampant with escort services, free schooling for ioc members are two examples of corrupt and seediness in sport but got the event.

Short term effects are negligible, an influx of smelly sports fans (my blog) means an increase in tourists leaving the host country, and a decrease in normal visitors for many years afterward so after bribes and assuming a country imports potatoes from ireland to feed guests then the benefit goes to ireland for there fine potatoes, global capitalism results in income leaving the hosting country most of it tax free too.

Prices may rise for all.

Long term effects are non existent for most, low income housing, jobs are destroyed replaced by gentrification and the tax payer ends up funding the thing which a few do well out of and Sochi* is an good example of that although other examples are run through..

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

The conclusions to this are interesting and show the flaws in this corrupt anti human rights mega sports events.  Will things change i doubt that many will want to give up $42,000.00 watches for free, along with free sex, and schooling so probably not anytime soon

5/5 bananas.

*invading Ukraine (my blog) was not a good idea in hindsight.




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