multiarch linux ‘fun’ and drm

bloodThe zoo is an i386 kernel user although its not the processor limitation you think, so one day i went and installed a test amd64 kernel on my daily pc.

Generally it works until you hit web browsers and flash – the i386 version of firefox works. 64bit has a gtk issue, pepper flash is not cross compiled with i386 so pepper won’t work, so your back to the old i386 flash.

I installed an esr version of firefox and that did work but i cant diagnose if its pure 64bit or both – it did moan about about missing 64bit flash – i think you know but i am past caring about it.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceI am happy i dont use flash, since most of this is down to laziness on not cross compiling (google) and the copyright mafia who see things in a perverse way like using a youtube game clip and then dcma-ing it and will make a nightmare for there partners after all it probably is enforced on broadcasters that they must use this flash crap.

So i am using an i386 port of firefox, with a i386 flash  on a amd64 machine, since pepper flash is apparently 64bit only which means the 64bit firefox version cannot access.  If your head hurts sorry.

babymemeGoogle-chrome fails to impress.  I think this 64bit thing is a bit pointless but i got sshfs to work – woo.

Well done everybody for fucking up video to get into this situation that affects more than just the linux os.


by golly but...

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