Shareholder services at capita

hellotmobileBananas had to ring capita and the like who do the grunt work for companies on the stock exchange.  I had a basic question and never got a straight answer after at least two seasons of the four seasons by that dead Italian bloke. You know –

duh dah da nun da na da etc. screech screech

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

As usual i offer my standard used banana skin prize if you can name that composer.

A month previous i had to ring another for something else and got nowhere with the staff who sounded very clerical and bored shitless and the computer says no attitude.

Anyhow capita are singled out here for having an email address that may or may work, and a website that displayed this as i block the rc4 cipher

borkedMorons among us save us.  And after giving out more info than i got with an organisation with ‘Deputy Team Leader’  as job titles i do wonder about these registrar services and why its better to communicate with them via paper forms since that appears to be there level.

Oh dear it seems they are bad with ssl looking unloved.


I will defer this administrative headache and the remaining two seasons of music for another day i to entertain us for another time. da na ha na ha na – you know it. Are you sick of it yet?

Comment to win the used banana skin.

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