of noble family,Mary Robinette Kowal

mr darcy required

mr darcy required

isbn: 9780765378378 is part 5 of this (my blog) and you will have visit all four previous books to get here.

This book was hard to locate in a library (my blog) although Scotland had it and was selling it secondhand (my blog) i did think about buying it until i found a copy not in a local library or regional system but outside of that.

Our arty neer do wells, come adventurers are now establishment types being honourable and now are off to the Caribbean which is stretching the ‘classic’ end of the literature a bit but with extra genre might work.

I am biased here though.

In all this there is point to be made about slavery and that suffers a bit with a igor from Frankenstein dialogue and i read that is the fault of a local writer.  It is very action based with a focus on childbirth and people who where supposed to be dead to begin with are by the end.

2/5 bananas.  and they all lived ….


by golly but...

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