k3b, brassero, and gnomebaker recorded media test

cdromBananas had the job of sorting out the backup media and as long term linux users here in the zoo meant i had open each and see if it played.  We have stuff from 1997 that still is open-able with our current software.

I have testing and stable debian versions in unstable k3b is better than stable.

Since i have varied both the software and the settings i can be blamed (there was a time when gnome window manager was not shit)  and i have liked kde for a very long time.

brassero disks (tar.gz files it says in writing) from my 2007 sets where unreadable bar the disk media name and unmountable in both k3b but somehow i think if i ever needed to restore it i would use a more modern and readable disk.

Yep we all be muppetsMost disks 95% i could read (more in unstable) and the disks i did chuck out where for microsoft windows software, along with the brassero disks which to open/restore would probably mean switching window managers which in debian can take a while but since the gnome way (my blog) is there software and none other i was pleased that the backups (my blog) still work.

I will leave you with a funny story about hp hardware and microsoft windows and emergency disks that windows created would not restore microsoft os to its default state.  As a precaution in 2007 i copied the disks in linux and they work rather than the disks made in the hp pc with windows software which always fail to read.   I find that amusing about windows software.

by golly but...

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