Is it a fake or the amazon problem

fakeProfessor was looking at an spare part item. At full price from a reputable non amazon supplier used by him in the past it is £30, Amazon are selling it for 21% less.

Professor knows the £30 version works and the firm from before are goood.   Prof is going for the more costly option as a gut instinct.

Why well Amazon has a problem with fakes as stuff is kept in bins of the same stock item so the robot or human knows where it is to my understanding, so some products in the bin might be both fake and genuine depending upon who supplied it and as amazon now distributes stuff on behalf of others you may see a problem developing.  If you do not then well happy shopping (not here)

Tv thinks tv audiences are stupidI searched myself for the item and found that the chinese where making it at a price where the amazon price made sense including a markup of 50%.  It’s origin was obscured so even i was not the wiser.


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