Biased media revealing there biases (or rumour has it)

Uzbekistan is a country which has no press coverage this is because Tony Blair does there public relations (i guess reporters are blacklisted).  If your english Arsenal football club  might be a close enough to get you noticed by schillings and there thug friends at carter-rock for how does a man from there own a football club without ‘slavery’.

So with no news in the mainstream media this brings me to Craig Murray, who has been right on issues like electoral fraud, diplomacy,torture.

Mr Murray is ignored by the mainstream media,but whom free student interns working for media conglomerates ask to appear/contribute  until a n editor hears of the event and for reasons best known to themselves nothing ever is heard of.  So with a dead leader in the stalinist model from a country many of you have never heard of he  is apparently going to be unwillingly featured by these ex employees who once worked for tony blair who now work for mainstream news organisations perhaps maybe Arsenal football club public relations require such an agreement?

the usual suspect

the usual suspect

It is just a rumour.  But do not expect honesty from these media types.  After all you all know what is going on in Uzbekistan right ?

by golly but...

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