email never seen in the inbox for good reason

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

The zoo likes email, but it does attract spammers (my blog) like Robert (my blog) and people who think we should use them for a number of money services who they act as a middle man and if your honest you would also call ‘useless people’ is an description who use our email in the vain hope to sell some unspecified shit because they have an email address.  Feel free to mail in your genuine ape questions though

After a large number of these i see a pattern from a subnet which i blocklist them (my blog) until i look at identifiable headers in select emails of dubious nature and decide to let these through instead  and let spam assassin rate them where they are quarantined, a cron job then deletes these emails unseen by all. are professional spammers and these emails look shady.  Since it appears that unsubscribing means more email for other stuff i am most pleased to let the software rate the email and then delete it at a latter date.

secretWhy well if the useless firm and feel happy deluging the zoo why should we not make them both feel happy in the metrics of spam email that nobody ever sees inan inbox. We are very happy too in this arrangement .   I like secrets* after all i would not want them knowing the fate of there fine emails.

* humour

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