Guantanamo Diary,Mohamedou Ould Slami,editor Larry Siems

isbn: 9781782112846 sounded an interesting read after this (my blog) so i eventually tracked a copy down in a library it was not a simple book to obtain but the library system serves staff rather than users.

I know very little about the person so i have no ideas as to the rights or wrongs of the case.  I even had to find out where mauritania was.  The issues start when Slami signed up to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980’s (my blog) so is linked to people but rather than blame the usual suspects i am sure other muslims [saudi and pakistani (my blog)] banded his name about to deflect attention.

Stints in a mosque certainly did not help perception wise and he kept in touch with friends  which kept him on lists of lists of interesting people. The fun starts in 2000 in Africa so this not at face value a problem of western rights that it eventually became.

After 9 11 (my blog) he once again is picked up and sent on a world tour of secret prisons.One problem there appears with this arrangement is the lack of communication between torture enforcement agencies who ask the same questions over and over again until they get what they want to hear which is a problem if you did not do it or what would get people promotions.

It is 2002 and back in custody not anywhere near Afghanistan or the middle east he is given to the americans where some Jordanians see if they can find out anything which has eluded three countries so far.  As i write this it is 2016, his final destination being Cuba where an motley array of torturers from Egypt,Pakistan and the us seem unhappy with any answer.



The book gets Kafka like when sugar* is part of an security theatre industry explosives device, when after a while such things may strike you as bonkers such admissions even though they are fake make torturers happy.

The book is arty like this (my blog) in places too but indicates that not all is well in the security theatre industry.

This is a recommended read and there are some interesting conclusions that can be made.

  1. Never volunteer to do anything you might be freedom loving citizen one day, and a terrorist the next.
  2. Don’t assume the state gives a shit about you.

So the next time some government employee complains about a lack of social action or cohesion just look at what it did here.

A disturbing read

5/5 bananas

* tea sugar

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