A return to Dunny on the Wold in red/blue politics

Jack Straw

Jack Straw man who bought lots of curries

Dunny on the Wold described in Blackadder (a television series) as

a half-acre in the Suffolk fens, Dunny-on-the-Wold is a rotten borrough with more animals than voters. In fact, it has only one active voter (who is apparently capable of casting over 16,000 votes)

As a fictional representation of corrupt local democracy which was eventually reformed some time in the 1800’s after blackadders time and that one voter would still would have been a man.

However funny and a look back at things it has a serous point that populations do move and if you don’t represent the people but the animals then a charge of cronyism can be levelled at both conservative and labour parties for protecting there safe seats which means some of those could be sort of be described as Dunny-on-the-wold or ‘s (plural) as existing today.   The fact that Scotland changed its voting preferences cannot be blamed on moving boundaries but on how people voted so no doubt it does scare political types when there job is up for review as the population has moved.

Another criticism made by politicians is that the long hours and anti family ethos of making law means some mp’s have a large electorate than the dunny-in-the-wold areas – i see no problems in changing  areas it could make there hard jobs more tolerable and less toxic.

blackadderNow since red and blue parties are extremely slow to react to change and both being in power for stints of ten years i do hope that Dachshund named Colin is really important to both labour and conservative parties.   Why is it that political types are above change but the people they claim to represent are told to that change is necessary.

Mind you there is fun to be had with curry and the postal vote system which certain parties indulge in and i can bore you about.

by golly but...

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