The unmentionable bigot

retard says sorryA long time ago Bananas read a book from an amazon list when they where shaking up publishing from its laziness (my blog).  Back then it was considered merit worthy and it was let down right at the end by its bigoted author who meant it never got a blog post here.

Then many years later a film was made and the bigot who had since become very well known for bigoted views even by me was called out for which i never saw it until it was on free television.  After all money encourages there people to continue to do awful things and it appears the bigoted followers neither saw it in a cinema either.

Much of the bigots setup was scrapped from the film and even if bigoted made it into a popcorn film with an option for sequels which have not since happened – phew although i did not see it all the way through it rather got lost.

You may have noticed that i have not mentioned anything and yes that was intentional. Oh the book was better if you want a hint but i threw it away.

by golly but...

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