video game films oh dear


the rock

Bananas was bored one sunday evening when on free television the film of the game doom was on (imdb: tt0419706).  I liked doom as a videogame* but as Uwe Boll wrecked many films i had doubts.

Anyhow what i did see of it was bad and low on the 16bit blood and guts hidden in darkness that made doom** great.

Anyhow i soon got bored and i went off and cleaned out an domestic applicance.  I switched it on later and  it takes them about an hour to get the bfg gun.

I never saw the end so i wont be rating this.

Needless to say that its good the film industry hates videogames with its bad concepts so its something that will be hard for them to really get behind in the future with there track record.  After all the fairy look is a way better look for the star of this murky and boring teenager friendly fare rather than edgy art form of video games.

*it was good for bios setting checking as well **never played the enhanced 16bit plus versions


by golly but...

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