My Erwin Schrodinger domain renewal

cat_bondOur domain registrar had a redesign and i had a domain to renew and most of the functionality was better located where before  i usually took a couple of wrong turns being most of us dont change dns servers, dnssec, and whois details very often.

It looks quite nice but as i renewed the domain on the last day before grace redemption period although the transaction looked good going through there was a pause and no notification that i had even renewed said domain which i had planned to not renew until that bloody referendum (my blog) may mean i might lose some domains* for the zoo.

Even the whois did not reflect reality until five minutes later when both emails hit the right email account.

I felt a bit like Schrodinger’s metaphorical cat.

No cats where harmed writing this blog post

*if you voted leave then fuck you.

by golly but...

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