‘Healing’ the political ‘majority’ – 48% trying to be 52%


comrade corbyn

When 48% (under 50%) represent both red and blue parties in politics then there are going to ramifications

In this case the reds and the unions who also where on the wrong side of public sentiment who also did not vote as they where told to is also in termoil, the blues have there own post (my blog).

I kind of feel sorry for the reds newly minded leader up again for challenge, who is disliked by his upper party but not loved enough by the members to get there people to vote remain (my blog). Not i vote for the herd mentality of red or blue.

With the labour party who it appears most of there members against the idea of europe there is a perhaps more need of change of opinion but i am not sure that a right winger with left thinking labour mp (think violet in colour) will attract those people who voted the way they did.

shitbritishleylandcarWe apes here look forward to everybody buying shit orange coloured british leyland* cars once again and driving them to Whipsnade zoo.

*not joking.

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