usb 3 with samsung tv’s

flatscreenThe monkey house can now record tv with a usb 3 stick it was under £10, when i last looked these where £40 for fast usb writing as usb2 did not pass the grade so i put it off.

The unit once verified (formatted again) allows the record feature via the guide and looks ok even if the gui is a bit hit and miss.

Recording is the same as watching so you cant watch something else, although the tv can be in standby mode to record, and the format is in CryptoBuddy .cip format so drm’ed and ancient and probably crackable.

An hours tv is 1000mb, and you get adverts too, cancelling a series may mean using the tv guide and going ahead several days to change.

Not particularly good imho.  I can always use the usb stick for something else and at £10 is not a complete waste of money.

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