Water softener number 4

watersoftenerProfessor tells me he is now on his forth water softener as he lives in a hard water area which is plumbed into the house rather than a jug.  Two of those water softners never worked, the third  was broken in his new residence and watering the garden as well via some broken plumbing.

Three of those came from the same bankrupt company waterside apparently famous for shit valves and pressure problems of which are not watersides problem but professors, or plumbers.

So maybe the forth one will work which does not come from them and fitted by a plumber who specialised on them.

The upside to this is that professor has not had to buy salt in well over a decade for his dishwasher when it comes in 25kg bags and consumes not much per year.  I guess that’s an upside to crap water softeners that dont work.

by golly but...

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