The end of alchemy,Mervyn King

fredgoodwinisbn: 9781408706007 was described by somebody i read as 370 page after dinner speech but that’s central bankers (my blog) for you.

This book is written for americans who get local examples and it ignores both the france and england attempts to keep the gold standard, before giving up on the attempt.

Nixon an important figure in this

Nixon an important figure in this

Problems with central banks are blamed on politicians and the imprecise meaning of money and controls on them mean questions are fudged so chapter three examines the banks (my blog) and speculators (my blog) in this mess.

Bankers also here can’t be wrong is a point argued but in the case of Fred perhaps an exit before would have been wiser to some extent? It is interesting to note that since 2008 Barclays bank lost its managing director Bob Diamond when the boe said it did not like the way things where going.

Bale to 'act with toy special effects woot!


So some lessons have been learnt  Wise or foolish this book is very general while financial engineers with there friends in politics (my blog) will try and break economics the central bankers are reminding the Fred Godwin and Bob Diamonds of the world that money is not just there plaything to break with a mythical product three people understand (my blog) or ‘bubble’.

2/5 bananas

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