Printer care and attention.

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

The printers in the zoo where jamming regularly so armed with a pair of pilers i had a look at them, one also needed a toner cartridge (my blog) which naturally did not come from hp and the other printer had a lot of paper artefacts  in and a rather full ink well of wasted ink (my blog).  At least it was discount ink rather than posh ink not that i can tell the difference anyhow i suppose its something you drink?

Samba is pretty, not useful

like this

I also cleaned the rollers who might also be jamming* with water from instructions on a video i saw and they both work like a charm once again although i got a bit of rainbow ink on me like the ladies to your left so if you  visited the zoo and thought you saw a parrot ape that is just printer maintenance for you not a new species.

Quite how all those jams got in there when i thought had got them all out at the time is a mystery

mafia run the british red cross

mafia run the british red cross

I was pleased with my efforts after all new printers are nice but come with mafia schemes for drm ink and no ‘grey’ ink supplies so while i might hate them it is the better option to fix what we have and use grey link which i have absolutely no issues using.

Weeks had past and i have not needed to look at printers since.  The more HP annoy the zoo the less motivation there is to buy newer HP products.

I read more recently that the rest of the world has discovered the scams of hp and that new firmware is to be released ‘tolerating’ our not posh ink.  more on that another time

*not musical – joke

by golly but...

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