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spotThe bbc has its issues and that’s coming from a green voter, reader of guardian* book reviews and not one who likes much bbc television – for instance not making dr who for two years.

Anyhow even i have noticed that the sjw’s have invaded the news site where on any day there will be a story about charity workers children, females battling the odds and a autistic / disabled story.

There will be some ‘news’ but its intermingled with this agenda which is a shame as the site used to be informative before the sjw’s invaded it.

On the day in question i write this on ‘men’ are sort of taken the piss of for writing a spreadsheet, an american is being accused of being a ‘Falstaff‘, and a political party brawling in public.

I am not saying the Falstaff is not, and the brawl did happen but it is the framing of the story.   I suppose i should hate one group and feel ‘bad’ for the woman who’s child is in a not nice ‘refuge’ camp too for some reason.    But that’s bananas in the falklands for you.

As to the man with the ‘technical’ spreadsheet how dare he.

Suggestions for a non Rupert Murdoch sourced news  are needed.  Please comment with suggestions.  Apologies for being tricky

*also found there

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