Evicted,Matthew Desmond

innercityisbn: 9790241260852 sounded interesting one january and seven months later it turned up for reasons i will not bore you with but entail a library.

The book set in Milwaukee deals with housing but has a social worker  aspect to it.  This is unfortunate although single parent families and ethnic groups losers feature although there are winners which come from the same ethnic groups too.

Bankers are mentioned although ‘small government’ and both complicity by the left and right wing means it does not really stick as a criticism after all blaming bankers for housing supply a job abrogated to them by politicians and voters who can only vote that way so since 2008 is perhaps easy finger pointing like this (my blog).

I prefer David Simon (my blog) for what it is worth.  All races get a look in although i think its treading on eggshells as the author is more honest with some than others as to situation.  All are in the same situation.

That said – the cities relationship with ‘cheap’ housing is odd, not liking the drain on services but since they are not supporting these people either it seems that slum landlords and tenants are not liked but barely tolerated by the politcal class.

Apart from folk tales there is little of interest here economics wise and  i never got past page 100 for the rehash of the same old story told with a variant.

The publishers ‘helpful’ review* (my blog) comment on the front (i use a library so not seen) seemed slightly racist but i will throw that in with the territory.

So local government won’t build, private renters dont get paid rent, then evict tennants, the local government dislikes non building code structures is a race to the bottom in the making.   Red and Blue politics is so fucked up.

1/5 bananas.

* best book evar yay!!!!!!!



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