Windows 10 and cups (ipp)



Bananas had the curious experience of looking at a windows ten pc (my first), it was newish hardware so ‘f-a-s-t’ but it would not scan for ipp printers (that’s cups hosts) on the lan.

It would scan for samba hosts which don’t exist and it reminded me of  windows vista without the bugs, windows help is is still thoroughly retarded i mean how dare i connect a windows pc to a ‘apple’* printer network.

I won’t be buying windows 10 Microsoft. btw and i had access to this pc two minutes.

If you where forced to upgrade like the person who showed us this pc then your life sucks, but that is what microsoft think is best for you including spying upon you then i feel sorry for you. If i where the doj i would ask for more nsa access to the Microsoft network – would  not you? – this non zoo pc took the liberty of using our lan to download updates – so much for the user choice and control.

Being curious the next day i discovered that you have to turn on cups from software features, google knew that which windows help in the two minutes i had would not tell me since cups is evil.

It was also adblocker free i do hope there is no isp quota for you windows 10 humans.

*Linux users read this (my blog)


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