outages and some academic dns fun from France

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceI awoke one day months ago to read this in the zoo’s logs.

Zone update refused: (zone*/IN): 2 Time(s)

Who is

inetnum: –
descr: MI2S (Moyens Informatiques et Multimedia, Information scientifique)
descr: reseaux IMAG du campus, de Gieres et de Montbonnot
descr: UMS MI2S (Moyens Informatiques et Multimedia, Information Scientifique)
country: FR
address: 110 Rue de la Chimie
address: Domaine Universitaire
address: BP 53
address: 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9

Bonjour ! One of the many probers (my blog) we seem to get but continue.

chickenBeing it seems one of the few who ‘do’  dns and mostly like it.  The recent dns outage (omg twitter is down) appears to me that when ‘professionals’ outsource dns to three providers the greater the problems become .   Not much glory in dns sure but i like it

basketOk sure the zoo is not google and some specialists are needed but putting all your eggs in one basket means i hope it does not trip over.  Much blame is pointed at bgp but then if isp’s wont fix or buy routers minus that bug then clearly me ringing up our isp and asking for fix at a level 1 support person probably will mean no further action by the isp  even if said person knows what bgp is.

The other thing is the iot in this where webcams and cctv stuff is being ‘misused’ but hey that’s proprietary software but if routers blocked shodan (my blog) scanning then that might slow down crap from intentional bad configurations (my blog) . or devices with built in back doors via shit software.

Think about it.

We had no dns outage from either event.

If you know what bgp then visit the zoo and claim your valuable prize* from the monkey house.

* a banana skin.

by golly but...

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