Wired ethernet a NO in gnome

Running debian testing is a case of normality until something big breaks once in a blue moon. One of those blue moons happened so i troubleshoot and install gnome since kde my usual window boss is broken – gnome which i think is written by bunch of retards/sjw’s who dont code is generally a standby for when shit happens.

Anyhow my wired network is not working so i see this.


Oh dear no wired ethernet connection are not allowed in Gnome designated hell.   This tells you all need to know about gnome its ‘developers’  and the mantra that is gnome.

Fortunately my linux knowledge is sizable and i enable eth0 without resorting to wifi and a few days later testing fixes itself and i get a better kde.

Gnome is once again removed for being weird.    I sense a hint of systemd (my blog) here which i have alternative views on.

by golly but...

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