Vazeline – Keith Vaz

kiethvazNews reaches the zoo that Keith Vaz who has taken bribes while an mp (my blog) has been caught with male prostitutes and taking drugs classed as illegal (class a**) by his ‘serous’ self as an respectable person.

Still an member of parliament, now he is back on parliamentary committee duty for criminal justice.   if it was anybody else (my blog)  they would be not in parliament any longer i think.

Funny that.


the blue is viagra yet to take effect

So does this mean class drugs are ok in prisons and elsewhere, i think so i mean if no means yes then clearly this must be leading by example or the Vaz way.

I really don’t care what he took, or has been up his bum, and where his erection device* has been, so perhaps it might be best if Vaz has another heart attack to not answer those missing questions from the media which was rather convenient last time.

Olive oil*** was taken, but the english press are not allowed to report that.   I guess that could be a fun party for Keith and co.

*think of a crane ** deemed the ‘worst’ *** somebody famous


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