Colateral damage in webhosters hosting spammers like

After i wrote this amusing post (my blog) i then noticed that a dnsbl picked up the ip or maybe block as bad. So i have a assassin rule, a block of 255 addresses walled of to not respond to just in case but i did not bother to see who was hosting them.

drevilFasthosts was the answer i later discovered so i decided to block there range of addresses during business hours and let them only connect from midnight until six am. Not my problem this intermittent connectivity of there’s  – after all even if the firm moves ranges i still have rules but this punitive block to delay abusive hosts is a technique i think i can use for others who engage in stuff that is a nuisance.

Put it this way assume the spammers used a couple of addresses, there is still say 240 addresses to sell that fasthosts can host so to discover that email did not send and traffic may or may not be sent will require technical support queries which costs them money and means other unhappy clients.

babymemeI think a two hour traffic window per week for rubbish traffic is rather generous and scheduled by a cron job who keeps a schedule like a professional with a stopwatch.

They still have to pass the mail servers tests.  – Also since i have not checked if the hosts are still valid so fasthosts are still paying a price even if they have changed providers. I am not inclined to remove it or discover if it is now ‘incorrect’ or not

by golly but...

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