touchy feely builders

pavedBananas and the tribe where at professors new house and i opened the door expecting a few more apes to arrive but a human was there and started asking questions.  I got a grilling as to the history of the house and a question of why the outside floor (slabs my blog) and why they where in a shit state according to the human who said he did it four or five humans ago or pre professor.

This person was most upset as to its state but since its outside and not a carpet i was not sure as to how to react i mean it works as a floor to most idiots.

buddistHaving said that this human then walked off.   Maybe i was too honest or the Buddhist  of paving slabs is something beyond most of us apes.

Oh well we apes and professor like a mystery.  Reincarnation as a brick ? who knows.

Professor has since told us that this person has not returned.

by golly but...

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