What library staff think of library users

Milliband s come with rent boys - On your side ?

library closer

Bananas uses a library so since both labour and conservative parties (red and blue parties) love closing them so if you think reds don’t close libraries kindly think again.

Anyhow i returned a book one day and found i still had it on loan, i emailed and got nothing in response and so a week later a i went for a longer than usual walk (my blog) to get insulted about this ‘missing*’ library book.  After all i must be wrong.

By the time i got back to the monkey house from the long walk back they had located the book i had returned from the week before but did not process  until my second visit. However this elicited no further communication from the persons who do library things.

However if that is the kind of shit people experience perhaps libraries ought to close down (my blog).

Its a thought i leave you with nearly 1000 books on record of not losing from the library.

Needless to say I wont be going back to that library

*probably with the odd socks

by golly but...

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