Donald Trump supporters on nationstates

Trump may have a rodent on his head, but he might fix campaign finance

Trump may have a rodent on his head, but he might fix campaign finance

Donald Trump might have a dead guinea pig on his head but is more popular than the average ‘reasonable’ republican (my blog) but when both parties thought when that nepotism is the best thing (my blog) to be the ‘dear leader’ by there consensus perhaps they deserve the result.

While Trump is a marmite* type of person he has only made one mistake with womens health which men control when i wrote this some months ago and that being a stated republican policy.

He is not my banana or the nepotism favoured other, but i can see why people think why not considering the other who are also worse.  Anyhow in the real world trump supporters have been active elsewhere…

Nationstates (my blog) has seen an influx of these people and i was amused to see that one creation inspired by Donald had a huge tax rate and other laws that your normal republican american would probably be raising a militia against with Sarah Palin as its cuddly mascot with her families illegitimate offspring** as torch bearers.


film they live

In mine nation things are going well  and overall i have a highly successful economy and a low tax rate which meant that any ideas these trump supporters might have had about running mine or the region lasted an hour before they moved onto greener pastures .  It will be interesting to see if these trump supporters continue after the election or not.

It would make an interesting analysis as to what trump supporters ended up with policy wise via and how out of whack those are with political thought of both parties.

It is strange that i do not notice Clinton supporters there, but i assume they must exist but are under the radar – but perhaps they know that independent thought is not tolerated in there party?

*love it or hate it ** Bristol Palin had at least two out of wedlock

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