lock in,John Scalzi

mpaa ponzi scheme victims

mpaa ponzi scheme victims

isbn: 9780575134348 is an author (my blog) who was once original but now falls into the dreaded ya *and inspired  by television tropes and i dont usually read that kind of crap.

Some new virus is evolved and one that disables everything but the brain in the worst cases.  Robots with brain software – chomsky** control a new class of humans.

Problem here is that rich person joins the fbi and within two hours of him joining a ‘conspiracy’ and  only the rich guy can solve the problem.

Like nobody else could help.  There is some interesting thoughts on responsibility – after all is the robot or the human controlling the robot responsible. and after 300 pages our rich guy with political connections saves the world in just under a week.

1/5 bananas – interesting for it’s economics.  and but too politically correct.even by my standards.

* tame ** sigh (my blog)


by golly but...

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