Retarded british publishers

moranBananas was reading about a nobel book prize winner who i had never heard of but with many of those being full of un-pruned bullshit i was surprised to find out none of the books had ever made it to translation until this award and there still not available.

Alisher Usmanov

Alisher Usmanov

The author has read what i have read and looks interesting from one of those communist billionaire states with a president for life but what happened to the publishing industry who missed the bus.

Publishing firms – arbiters of good ?, or told not to publish or probably could they not determine good writing from bad which is why they have ‘classics’. Not that i tolerate nobel book prize winners so maybe there on to something.

I am sure that one of those arbiters of taste will no doubt complain soon about what is sold and then blame me and you the public for not reading stuff they wont touch for printing and why not it sounds a decent excuse.

All done.

by golly but...

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