I discover a moustache hipster it project in the wild. (moustaches in the mist)


the suspect with a bicycle

I was reading a email newsletter (that i signed up for and not spam/uce) and a git* project sounded interesting.  But it used Docker when i went further than just the name.

OK yes they did have a shared server but the point of the project is made pointless by that do i trust them implicitly ?.

So since i have no idea how to run docker in debian** clearly these moustached it hipsters think i am a bit retarded and i am not running an appliance since your think i cannot set it up, so  get on your penny farthings and get your beards maintained there must be a docker enabled barber, and penny farthing bicycle maintainer  somewhere nearby surely.


I have nothing against moustaches but when you package code as one thing only expect the ire of the monkey house.

* a repo not a idiot, ** i guess configure,make x3  probably but its not a default

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