pirates,parrots and a fallen off propeller (a tale to amuse)

prettyboyparrotOne of the apes here in the zoo thought* it might be ‘fun’ to go on a river cruise and observe human death (my blog) they being elderly in client numbers.  We  younger apes laughed as it sounds awful to most of us here in the zoo.

The ape in question recently had a spot removed with the help of a vet and looked like a pirate with the black spot afterward which i think is mentioned in treasure island a classic children’s book.  It amused us as to the coincidence.

It was also suggested by the tribe that a parrot was also needed for this ape as well and i looked up what one might cost and discovered £700+ for a parrot was bing quoted. Being a pirate is expensive and i guess Somalia has lots of parrots.


a young cruise ship client

A parrot (my blog) was not purchased, but a few days before the trip the boat developed a problem so we apes will not know what happens.

Rather pleased about that.

The humour was worth it though.

*suggested really by another misguided ape.

by golly but...

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