the billionaire and the ugly mug

mug The zoo has an ugly collection of mismatching mugs  many not as nice as the one displayed to your right.

The very ugly mug in question came from a now defunct high street brand bhs (my blog) and in which i have no idea how it came to be in the zoo since i have never been inside a british home stores shop to my knowledge and you would not even want to shoplift it either.

It like many retail giants has fell from grace from consumers spending habits.   It’s last two owners drained it’s pension fund and sold the property (that’s how you get rich) and the most recent owner bought it for a whole £1 (that’s 84 Bhutan Ngultrum) before clearing the bank account of money.

Strangely the one  person who got a title as lord of the swindlers but who forgot to pay into the pension scheme for many years  is on the hook sorting out the issue of a poorly performing business since asset stripped before selling it on to somebody else for its actual demise.

While the mug might grace the monkey houses kitchen  it appears to be not an item likely to be asset stripped by a retail entrepreneur, imagine if mugs where money we would have Phillip Green round for tea and a banana every day.

by golly but...

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