infinite monkeys with typewriters but no content

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

Bananas was in the zoo one sunday and looked at the wordpress blogs i read via the reader as provided in the browser – one stopped sometime last year,and and the other ground to a halt not long after i subscribed to it which explains why i don’t interact with wordpress blogs.  I do read non wordpress blogs which seem more ‘vigorous’.

I don’t understand the lack of stuff in wordpress land, i seem to hover at 110 scheduled posts come most times of the year and that’s with some pruning of drafts say three blogs into one scheduled.  Some posts are very delayed and might entail fifteen hours of my activity if you where such interested

I will not name and shame you for not having typewriter ribbon that has ink for your blog but if i can have 110 posts ready why cannot you comrades of the wordpress collective?

by golly but...

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