Newspapers and ‘surprises’


four wheels good, two legs bad

Bananas was minding her business here in the zoo when Barbie the plastic doll (my blog) had a remodel from skinny diet anorexia problem (my blog) super model to variants of a fatter body type and something not resembling the average american voter or offspring.

I made a humorous comment somewhere about it and a couple of days later actually found somebody had already satisfied my request.

As a non barbie fan (dr zeus is a role model)  my knowledge of barbie is limited although i am very happy to throw poo at children with barbie dolls if they visit the zoo.

Then later that week in the newspaper one day there is a glossy magazine with this news in as a feature. Somehow i am sure this was paid for.  So ok a relaunch was not totally unexpected but with new images and access it seems magazine features can be bought rather than have much editorial merit.

No wonder the msm cannot get politics right (my blog) If only Barbie voted but i bet she voted the wrong way anyhow.

by golly but...

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