On seo books

hipsterSome seo books where read my me here in the monkey house – there not my choice but what i could find rather than buy paper  ebooks it appears are the way to go here but with a lot of crooks in seo meaning one book a decade is out of the question due to scams by seo professional’s in there quest misdirecting searches.

This is not an endorsement of the items below but they reflect a more modern world view than i usually could obtain there are two books reviewed.

moranFirst is isbn: 9781119129554 was not a book i bought and is by Peter Kent and called seo for dummies (edition six) published in 2015 a publisher i dont think a lot of and aviod

Kent is a lot more honest than mr Odden who you will meet below.  This book has technical terms in as a bonus and lays out a long term view rather than claim that a one off $25 will buy you first result (my blog) which many seo ‘professionals’ flog and does not work.

It is low on technical content but he points out the downsides of the seo profession too although to describe nofollow as a curse seems a tantrum.  Hey your ‘profession’ fucked it up.

A bit general term but full lifecycle.

3/5 bananas

seocrookisbn: 9781118167779 is by Lee Odden and called optimize published in 2012 it was not a book i bought but in the introduction you have to be a brilliant public speaker to do seo.   I nearly gave up at that point for reasons of deadpan humour.

Hold on lets do this as a speech after all comrade Odden suggests it.

picardmy lords ladies, gentlemen and honoured league of international chicken sexers of planet earth may i tell you that many people google things, tweet and use facebook and this can be a commodity.

Using a marketing plan Odden employs usefull idiots to create noise that drowns out any meaningful conversation for example consider this meaningless crap.

seospamAlas it takes the author to nearly the end of the book to admit that nofollow in blogs and competitors mean this stuff is of poor quality and i imagine that this din of don’t think of that try this is hardly the kind of content deemed of value.  It does kind of explain why i don’t get the comment spam volume here.

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

If the high noise ratio to meaningless content is Odden’s aim then i will imagine that this non technical book will require a complete overhaul very soon.

But it might work if your a public speaker.  I failed to master that skill in the time i read the book in.

0/5 bananas.

Seo books um lets say are best not purchased.

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