Youtube worth watching (or was)

Is subjective but these are not funny cat video’s.  These are not particularly liked by youtube or alphabet who own youtube,   More to life here than mental health daycare videos.  I still dont have a youtube account (both my blog) so i do not like or follow these.

I expect that if these channels have to move then i would follow them to there new sites and even register on that noon google site.


is a science researcher (published in nature) and debunker of ideas like the world is chicken shaped (not egg shaped*), he does chew the cud several times but i respect that is for the more slower people with lazy brains – i have discussed before.



is an electrician and after you have seen his teardowns you wont buy anything replacement electrical from amazon or ebay sourced from China.

oww bump bump bump down the stairs

oww bump bump bump down the stairs


Took down Ted (the ”ideas’ videos site for bulllshit) and has his moments.  I dont have a bear image so winnie will have to do.

That link will not work currently since youtube have decided to suspend his content – see what i mean ?

Sargon of Akkad

sullaMight be deemed rude by some but makes a coherent point about tribal politics the truth might be hard to swallow if you are a red/blue sheep.  See beyond that and your in for a treat.

cat_bondHonourable mentions:  ShoeonHead , TheAmazingAtheist,reponut I might not agree with all of there stuff but there is more than enough calming cute here for your insane asylum patients.

So share your cat videos with me below. Go on!

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