Reddit goes fake/genuine/fake again

In the beginning … reddit was something i thought fake and later this was admitted that bots where writing nonsense. After real people started joining it it was more real and then Ellen Pau and her replacement Steve Huffman where found to be editng user accounts and other strange shit.

Reddit can be odd imho i like these reddit’s

papist fab! and gay

papist fab! and gay

/r/atheism – is a fun read.

/r/linux – /r/archlinux – /r/debian  (my blog) for reasons you can guess

/r/guineapigs (my blog) is way to cute

/r/dns is yet another low traffic zone which is usually ok except for whiny microsoft windows people yes we know windows in rubbish.

Overall i don’t do much in reddit except lurk but outside of the big groups things are usually ok.

picardIf reddit management don’t like reddit or its community be they staff or users then clearly moving on is still an option as happened to digg.  I still like nntp but nobody else seems to.

I guess they like some but not all of the monster.

by golly but...

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