lipstick and statistics

eyeBananas was watching something with many adverts for make up products and there use of statistics (or something like that) got my brain working over the numbers rather than the wonder product.

One had barely three digits worth of five star reviews [100 not under 9], another product for removal came in three variants and probably comes with instructions to leave it on for a day to get best results but what do i know.

So without finding out how many people hated the product there use of statistics was rather dubious.

Is there a charity that offers a phone line for the misuse of statistics, if not i think it should called statistics anonymous.

Perhaps if human females get stuck in the bathroom by the cosmetics industry might come up alcoholic soap favoured in a strange way after all theres fruit in some shampoo.    See i have insights and a product worthy of an television advert andI am sure somebody would give it five stars.

You would too.

by golly but...

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