Sikunder Burnes, master of the great game by Craig Murray

burnesisbn: 9791780273174 is somebody i read in blogs and his subject is famous for coming to a sticky end in Afghanistan (my blog) in 1841.   Although you might not know him he is flashman, and in film the man who might be king which Burnes is allegedly based on by Victorian society.

Burnes is related to that scottish poet and this book briefly gives an account of life in theeast inida company which may sound boring but has details of sex and relationships  which many old books on eic won’t have pre 1960 for libel and ‘moral’ values.

He explored what you would know as pakistan, afganistan  and the bits of russia and persia bordering this region.  It is kind of interesting that the people on the ground get the blame not the policy setters of the region and there local cohorts.

I came and conquered, and then left it

I came and conquered, and then left it

Humour can be found in this book exploring the decisions that resulted in many wise persons today not knowing why they ended up the way they did and still make the same mistakes.

This is not a boring book and despite it being about somewhere now not deemed newsworthy by the msm it has a contemporary style which 1841 seems very much like the present.

5/5 bananas  it is perhaps best that this book is not reviewed bu the biased main stream media including the bbc for not being in there narative but now you know better.

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