social justice warriors versus children’s authors


should shezow be black ?

If your a sjw (a social justice warrior) one of the criticisms you have is that publishing loves its racist white dead old ladies be it who write about dogs called nigger since they are not binary and the wrong colour* and fail the test of society where it is generally ok for muslim’s to rape children (my blog).

Amusingly i was reading the guardian website (my blog) and  that a white old lady author of children’s books who is still alive was getting media attention for be being just that and being successful – how dare she.  The Guardian has its large share of sjw journalists who fortunately if they are working on children’s books at the guardian  is being closed down for reasons best known to the guardian newspaper but i guess the number of books about black transgendered vegan eskimo children** means no childrens books are worthy of being ‘reviewed’ or there no advertising to be sold according to those in the ‘know’.

Anyhow this white writer apparently had a shit childhood too which appears to be a qualification to ‘write’ childrens books. The irony was lost on the journalists.   I never read beyond the headline as I am averse to reading sjw’s and click bait.

*think Zimbabwe (my blog) **insert your missing monitories as well

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