Secrets and giving

hipsterChristmas here in the zoo is understated, no television is watched since its repeats from the 1970’s and generally its a pleasant enough time as forced downtime goes however as to people who do sales at 3am well they love consumerism don’t they so it might be described as a consumer holiday.

Anyhow as the rest of the zoo know of my reading thing, which unfortunately entails some sort of chain book token (my blog) and the odd book by an author i read once that naturally i find there latest book repulsive i sometimes wish that my like of books could have been kept secret.

Amusingly there is nothing i am inclined to buy because of my library habit (my blog) although it would be nice if actually bought new books and when my recommendations i made are on the front page for over a month shows the  sorry state of your library services.

I hope you enjoy your books tomorrow even if they crappy celebrities or bill bryson (my blog) which will remain unread

by golly but...

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