Review of the Year

Well why not ?

muhammad-in-heavenJanuary, It rained, Ian Murdock of debian association died. Iran joined the world once again after something along the lines of this (old)  A pakistani teenager self amputated a limb (bbc not here) isn’t islam great?

February, Politics got lucky or corrupt (my blog), on the subject of back doors gchq got caught proposing a protocol with backdoors and a puzzle they created was impossible to crack as it was missing information with the usual winners being based on assumptions – clueless. Apple started bricking phones with error 53 which has something to do with gchq and its friends.  bbc three  finally went online.

ttp author and bad man

ttp author and bad man

March some really rubbish hollywood film with black actors did not win an oscar.  One might assume that the mpaa is rewarding tpp negotiators rather than actors or its people.

Howls of outrage where heard as a newspaper stopped printing, its kind of interesting that the updating process of newspapers did not adjust to modern life while they might be more efficient the accountants and mba’s of this world seem to have forgot that journalism is important which seems missing or few in number.

Easter came early rather than late, and the ‘religion of peace’ went terrorism friendly.

April: Its been several months since an eu referendum was announced and its cheap television for lazy journalists.

Panana made the news however people dont yet seem to have got globalisation, sure they know it might be made in China but not that money is not a government policy tool any longer, for instance if you can devalue your currency like china does regularly would you want it in that rather than something that retains value.  Governments and money dont mix well

evil pirates ahoy....

evil pirates ahoy….

Pform (old) finally died who where mildly famous for bribing a policeman, compromising a labour government, and spying on british telecom customers with british telecoms consent.  At least since they did ‘nothing wrong’ legally after bribing police and civil servants but they took all the shareholders cash for no return which must be good since it was apparently ‘legal’.  Unbeatable logic there.

robbieEngland and Wales where kept in the closet with a super injunction when eton john and ‘family’ had real human sex toys combined with olive oil and a childrens paddling pool – perhaps the english and welsh are rather bad at getting erect but the rest of the world gets hard faster.

Shakespeare has been dead 400 years and none of the those ‘he never wrote it’ types of academic fraud got any airtime the censorship i mean (who gives a stuff).

industriaLMay saw a number retail shops close, one of which i have never been in. The steel industry like retail had its owners raid the pension fund.

June  A snail called chilchott wrote an expensive document but i suggest you get it from the source not the snail.  Ratcheting up the politics to 11 an mp died, along with a lot of gay people which ‘peaceful’ islam got the blame for.

July The small minds ‘won‘. England’s professional football team lost to a country i am told with only one footballer.  Turkey had an attempted coo, and politics had a replace everybody moment

August There was a cat fight in Downing street (really).  Drugs and the Olympics was an issue yet again of which none of the corrupt people could not ignore any longer.  All attacks by persons of islamic faith have all become mental health issues according to the police. so i guess Saudi Arabia is a loony bin then.

Terrorist Kadiza Sultana (old) got blown up. and the curry problem i first knew of over five years ago got front page attention.   Judo was called out as a sport for crooks.

corbunSeptember Expect to see a lot more controlling husbands defences after a soap opera wrote a cliffhanger and naturally won although the courts took a dim view of a similar matter (old).   Labour leadership remained with the guy who the party members liked despite there representatives not liking it.

October.    Systemd had a moment.  Oh well.   Theresa May sounded more and more nazi and another rupert murdoch news reporter was found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

350 million extra will not be ending up in health service, so 52% of the uk population where lied too but at Katrina Percy will be well compensated for doing badly.

farageNovember Keith Vaz made the news.  A male (old) won woman of the year. us elections for president was down to two old people of which neither is much merit except for being rich and one who  knows where the toilet is. One of them also appears to have threatened Equador with regime change unless a certain australian was shut up.  The predictions got it wrong too.   Rbs got hacked nothing new then compared with all there problems including another ‘provisional’ 400 million is business compensation.

Farage upstaged May (my blog)  and the opinion pundits got it wrong again.  Ttip (see above if your a goldfish)  was killed by an american and since most of you have never heard of that was quite surprising. Castro died.

December Fake news was a context for twitter and facebook to ignore that Hillary Clinton did voodoo acts and maybe even child abuse.  Fortunately she lost.  Something the bbc wont cover too but then wikileaks is not something left wing journalists would report on.

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

The olympics was deemed crooked by a man who works for them,  at least a thousand medals had a chemical aspect to them.  Long live national pride, up the motherland and all that.

This youtube is perhaps the best video of 2016 and sums it up

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

I do not see many women and children.

In books the made for tv writer (old here) failed to produce a book – so hardly a book writer. this was an interesting look at multiculturalism.  The middle east, along with how not to drink a cocktail on the moon made it a fairly lean year for books mostly because the library system was not purchasing them.

I wont link to all the books i did read but this (my blog) i enjoyed

Anime and Japanese television was good although spring,summer and autumn was lean pickings,

Television sherlock returned for a hour, and the quality of the bbc then returned to normal.  Whatever you thought the exploration of the limitations of the source material are well illuminated by that.

Music – I got a demo of google music (my blog). Suzanne Vega was reviewed, and i think for brief time David Bowie was jesus according to all the journalists in the msm who in January and wrecked the music sales statistics in the way that the talented do but the bbc ignore when alive.   The riaa and bpi have a reputation gap between what usually sells and the back catalogue.

I also review a 1970’s album not from anybody current.

Boring stuff tls got a once over, lets encrypt appears useless unless your big retarded hosting firm, somebody sent us a junk fax in 2016 although the fax machine still exists it is no longer connected to the pstn, I explored linux gaming so maybe its not boring

So how was your year

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