class – or self aware bbc diversity

British version of high school grange hill.

British version of high school grange hill.

Class is a tween dr who thing online at the bbc since it is not apparently childrens tv (my blog)  or good enough for broadcasting on the bbc.  Go figure.

It reeks of self awareness a script writing test is mentioned within minutes, and has a quota (my blog)  of multicultural types, did i mention media studies ?.

Villains look video game-ish and the kids brood like chickens on heat.  Of what i saw (fast forwarded mode) one villain a week is either stalemated or dispatched (that’s the first two episodes).

Logically there is a flaw to the location that the continuity or dr who legends  that really you should not think about but i did.

Either this is thought of  as the next generation thing but for kids tv rather than mainstream broadcasting not for export or a project failure since bbc three is no longer an attractive thing for talent since its not on tv.

With america featuring in the christmas special of dr who and with a sjw theme it seems to be at odds with snobby bbc management while america might like it the uk side is going childrens tv version.

I wont rate either.

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by golly but...

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