Dead letter abuse boxes (or an end to dmarc probers)

boredOne day they just stopped and since most of them are in China*  its been boring on the dmarc (my blog) front ever since.

However since reporting abuse to china does not work except for ‘special’ people it can be said that many Chinese isps colluded.  Any american reading this should comprehend that china is not russia

Of other countries Vietnam has one attempt, the us a couple so either there spoofing somebody without dmarc which is something i would have done months ago or the thing that controlled it is down rather the look an idiot to the once a day like China did.

I still have the data and can firewall it in seconds, the dmarc records still exist and are permanent and so I will only now report on the latest attempts and correlate with previous behaviour.

Latterly I have also caught amazon (yes the big retailer)  trying 24 attempts in one day via ec2 (my blog) – so maybe this year will be the year that the us wins the gold medal in dmarc probes over china with quantity from single hosts.

I am sure you are all looking forward to these posts.  Exciting stuff

*both HK and mainland.

by golly but...

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