a shodan.io spotting in the wild. (co hosted with David Attenborough)

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Turn on your crimson forcefield, as shodan (my blog) have moved to fresh scanning pasture.

I was alerted by my cron job with a person pretending to be them

burger.census.shodan.io does not resolve to address

That’s cari.net (who ring a bell my blog) – perhaps there ex hosters now ?

A dig of burger.census.shodan.io states.

; <<>> DiG 9.10.3-P4-Debian <<>> burger.census.shodan.io
burger.census.shodan.io. 299    IN      A

picardI suggest a block of too which is a provider called abuse @cyrusone.com

I am not delisting cari.net from the zoo’s firewall hosting shodan is shady to start with.

This has been a public information announcement, nobody wants to be scanned by these scum and villainy be they genuine shodan or fakes.

Have a happy wednesday.  If you work for cyrusone.com hello, hope to see you and block more of your ip ranges soon.

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