What is the fuss about this clinton’s email server about

Bananas runs the zoo’s email servers which could be described as ‘private’ and since the zoo does not use a free webmail service like many and i have heard these ‘private things’ described in withering terms by media types which is curious considering many of those professionals have an @<msm> address.

The difference between personal server and a ‘normal’ email server is nothing they both speak the same commands via a protocol.  Here configuration matters and they can do limited ssl encryption, the nsa decided that ip to ip encryption was a no way a long time ago, as to key sizes well you can also blame them too.

Government email is clunky and not very modern but secure if limited – try and read email on a mobile phone and your probably be told there’s no web/app interface for your phone.  Which is why the Clintons and Powell had there own.  An example i think is required

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

Plumpergeddon (my blog) had images time stamped of this laptop thief but the polices system could not handle it hence why the Clintons had a private server unsecured in a toilet area.

Email is basic its mostly to from subject and body text, The body bit is where clinton’s screwed up. Body is either text or documents stored and accessed via a login, and it cannot differentiate between secret stuff and pizza orders.

Its not the email servers fault it just delivers the stuff and the storage is handled by something else say some sort of pop3 or imap speaking thing.

Your average email server (including gmail) can’t distinguish between a joke like why did the chicken cross the road, and a document with the nuclear launch codes that is not a mode of operation most email things need to handle.

Personal, government and normal email servers rely on login credentials , rules and plumbing (not water based but its still plumbing)  so that things like dmarc, dkim and spf work to fix email and without those anybody could spoof email as Hillary Clinton.

The problem here is not the email server, but the laziness of content going into it and that’s a human problem not the email servers. If government won’t use user friendly software that’s not the email servers fault that the Clintons opened themselves into these hacking allegations..

Since both republicans and democrats have used personal servers one could argue that both abused the law, however Clinton did not get away with it.

Email is leaky by design and there’s enough muck to smear on Clinton without the email ‘problems’  I guess that Podestra’s email all went through a nsa filter and its up to you to guess how that got made public but that’s the internet for you.

Phones and internet are leaky – how do you know that you have never been connected to a fake cell phone tower, or been intercepted that is not emails problem but the problem of Clinton and her politician friends who give intelligence agencies the cart blanc freedom to hack all including her.

Don’t blame the computer, blame the human for shit information security. Email and phones are as good as the spies want it to be,

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