Discount newspapers and Rupert Murdoch’s poor shareholder return.

The_Sun_(Gotcha)Bananas was in a newsagents one day when the price of newspapers came to my attention.   The price of the monkey houses paper does not change and i know what it costs but if you read a chav newspaper (image to your right) then Murdoch and family varies the price by it seems by 50%.

Being generally unaware and not somebody who thinks good things about the Murdoch family (my blog) this does not concern me but when the human in front of me did not have enough money for a eyesight chart*. The paper was returned unsold.

This i found interesting  that even perhaps a more gullible human found the value proposition a poor one.

So when Murdoch (& family) next complain about newspapers not being profitable remember that he is breaking it not the people who buy it, I could remind you about phone hacking (my blog) and a pay for news culture (my blog) too but i think you know who is the worse offender here after all most of england and wales has yet to hear about watford and olive oil due to his misdeeds as a owner or press baron.

I got our copy of the internation daily bonobo rowandian bush telegraph (a non murdoch paper) and returned back to the zoo however if i was in charge of mergers of television i would make Murdoch and family have to sell tv rights to a new satellite tv operation that he or his family could never own.

*it does look like one

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