exploring kodi

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

kodi is not a new ape, but a streaming service an idiot could install, i was looking into doing something and came to kodi via xbmc.

I could not use kodi for recording due to a lack of hardware but got it streaming video to a tv (my blog), where i had a moment and found out that what i meant was different to the salesman’s answer (online tv is not recording)  i gathered being not there but via second hand relay of the conversation.

Kodi is an impressive platform and if a thing supports upnp and your tv is connected then its another option.

Not sure i will be a huge kodi user but it looks impressive and if you have seen the price of tv recorders (some with drm) then its an cheap option if you have pc’s (multiplatform) or pi’s doing stuff.


by golly but...

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